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We’re a week into the Glamour Kills tour and I feel like the luckiest person ever to be out here. Every night has been incredible, there are nothing but great people on the tour and the energy at the shows gets better every night. I’ve loved meeting and hanging with the dudes in Man Overboard, I had only met a few of them before this tour but they are a lot of fun to hang with every night. We’ve known Cartel for awhile and been fans of theirs for even longer but never had the chance to tour with them so we feel like this is long overdue. Stages and Stereos are an incredible band from Tallahassee and being on the road with them makes us feel a lot more at home. Everything feels right on this tour and we’ve got plenty of it left to enjoy.
Some of my family has been out for the last few shows which is like a giant missing piece put right into place, I miss them so much when I’m gone and having them out is like having almost everything that I love right there with me. My daughter is two now, she’s starting to understand what I do and it’s cool to see her meet everyone and soak everything in.
Our new album “Monsters In The Closet” debuted at #10 on the Billboard Top 200, a personal record for the band. It’s a wonderful feeling, to still see progression like that after all these years, we are very proud and thankful. Fearless Records did an amazing job on their end, they’ve always been like a family for us. 
There are about 5 weeks left on the tour. I’m sure they will fly by, but I’m going to try and make the most out of all the exciting things happening right now. I genuinely have so much fun on stage and meeting all of you each night, thank you all for your love and support. GK tour tickets are still available  at theglamourkillstour.tumblr.com come and hang with us, see you soon! 
-Derek Sanders
Mayday Parade

Photos by: Tom Falcone 


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